This is how it works

This is how it works

Nrlyze is installed, the buildings energy system is optimized, the energy consumption is reduced.

Nrlyze is a platform for data collection and analysis. We supply both the necessary hardware and the cloud-based analytics service. Temperature sensors are mounted in your energy distribution system and in your building to measure the indoor temperature. No interference or manipulation is made to your existing energy system. Remove Nrlyze whenever you want, and your existing system continues to work independently of Nrlyze, only better adjusted. The installation takes around two hours and you can start following the progress immediately in our app. When enough data has been collected you will receive the first adjustment recommendation. Anyone can perform the installation without any special training, or you can have us or any of our partners to do it.

The amount of energy needed to heat a building depends on a number of factors

There are several factors related to the building as such. E.g., how it was designed, built, the amount and type of insulation, what kind of energy source that is used, how it is distributed and so on… The list is long, and it is not sufficient only to look at the structure of the building, it also depends on who and how many people that lives in it, what habits they have, demographics etc.

Indoor and outdoor temperature

In order to regulate the indoor climate to the desired temperature there is a relation between the outdoor temperature and the energy systems feed temperature (the temperature of the water inside your radiators). The relation is referred to as the building heat curve. It is a number of parameters that ideally should be based on all the parameters above

An impossible mission

It is a very complex task to calculate this and set the parameters correctly and it is impossible without tools. It requires a thorough and methodical approach and a lot of measurement data. It is not magic and in theory it would be possible to do manually but it is not practically possible. Nrlyze automates this process and identifies the ideal parameter setup fast and easy.

You are not alone

The majority of all energy systems are not optimally tuned. The effect of this are slow variations in the indoor climate that sometimes go unnoticed and sometimes are perceived as cold or varm. The consequence of these temperature variations are unnecessary waste of energy and environmental impact.

So what should you do?

Most probably you already have a good control system for your energy distribution – it only needs tuning. So instead of replacing or increasing the complexity of your system your energy system you can borrow or buy our analytics platform. Nrlyze will analyze the performance of your system and guide you to the optimal settings for it to operate more efficient.

What happens then?

When the system is optimized the performance will increase and the energy consumption will decrease. If you desire, Nrlyze will continue to monitor your system in order to maintain and further improve the efficiency. Especially for older systems this also ads a great value since it digitalizes and visualizes the buildings energy system and makes it accessible online. Nrlyze will also send notices when something is wrong or the performance goes down.

It is up to you

Continued monitoring is not necessary for the system to work; however it might be useful for those who wants to have control and make sure that nothing happens that decreases the performance of the system. You can remove Nrlyze whenever you want since it is your own system that does the job.

We closely measure and analyze all relevant parts of the energy system

Nrlyze central unit collects all necessary data and uploads it to the cloud

We monitor and analyze how your building behaves 24/7 all year around

Artificial Intelligence…

AI is a popular expression that easily is misused. It is no more exciting than using old information and knowledge to create new. It is nothing new, mankind has always done this. However, with increased computational power and progress in computer science this process can be automated and new opportunities are realized.

Nrlyze uses these methods to continuously improve our models and algorithms. Your building becomes a piece of the puzzle to understand other buildings and all other building are used to fine tune yours.

…and Big Data

Big data (large amounts of data) is another popular expression. The more information we have, the better we can understand and describe the relations and dependencies we are looking for. This is also not new but with new technology our capacity and ability to store and structure large amounts data increases. In our system every building upload thousands of measurements every day. That data is used to analyze your building but is also a part of the whole to improve our algorithms and optimizations of all buildings