Nrlyze for maintenance contractors

Nrlyze for maintenance contractors

Nrlyze services are cost efficient, easy to use and therefore a natural step in reducing your energy consumption.

In addition to optimize, visualize, and digitalize your building automation system, monitoring, logging and notices are also included.

Nrlyze Parameter

By utilizing our analysis and optimization you can quickly reduce your energy consumption in the range of 5-15 percent. There is no limit to how long or how much you can fine tune your energy system but our experience tells us that very fast (within the first months) you can reach 95 percent of the optimization.

Nrlyze Prognosis

Depending on what kind of structure your building has and how the weather fluctuates in your area it might be beneficial to account for future weather forecasts in your control system. Nrlyze will identify if this is the case and how much it could yield. If the conditions are beneficial for prognosis control, Nrlyze prognosis could further optimize your energy system a few percent.

In order to really tune your energy system in the case you have a very old building automation system Nrlyze prognosis could also be an option.

We offer

  • Energy optimization in the range of 5-15 percent
  • Analytics, optimization and monitoring of your building automations system.
  • Access to Nrlyze Optimization portal (digitalization and monitoring of your building and its heating system)
  • Stable indoor temperature
  • Reports and documentation to use in your annual energy follow up, e.g. for the annual financial reports

Our services

  • Nrlyze Parameter
    Independent analysis of your heating system and help with setting the right parameters.
    Pay up front or have it for free connected to an incitement agreement.
  • Nrlyze Prognosis
    Independent analysis and control of you heating system
    Pay up front or have it for free connected to an incitement agreement

Nrlyze Total Control

Optimize even more

As a maintenance contractor, Nrlyze services can be part of your service offering.

But there is more…

Gather all of your properties in one view

Nrlyze total control will give you the full view of the properties you maintain. You can compare buildings and energy performance and get notices where similar buildings have different behaviors. Alarms are generated and distributed to the right person when something is wrong

Signal analysis

Abnormal behaviors, e.g. oscillating/over active actuators, time or activity based deviations that have negative impact on your control equipment and longevity of the whole system is identified and brought to your attention.

Energy data analytics

Maybe you already have basic historic log-data from your properties? Great, then we can run this data through our analytics models and identify optimization potential. If you have many buildings connected, we can automate the data collection and analytics process and give you access to the result in our portal.